November 11, 2014

Blogging has never been something I’ve desired to do, mainly as I’ve never felt that what I think about on a daily basis is worthy of another person’s time and energy to read. However, as some of the motivation to start this site is to make me accountable for putting effort into the thing I claim to love, namely books and writing, it makes some sense to force myself into keeping the site ‘ticking along’ with new content. However, given my current status of a ‘mama’ to a sleep-is-for-the-weak toddler, producing fiction or poetry that I would consider ready for human consumption does not happen at a particularly sprightly rate.

And so I turn to this blog to make sure this site doesn’t just sit collecting dust in some dingy corner of the internet.  I will endeavor to keep the content relevant in someway to books/writing/fiction/publishing and I promise the entries will be sporadic, and extremely inconsequential, but on a selfish front, at least I’ll be writing something!


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